Repsol Racing Tour in 2020 is back

Repsol Racing Tour is an itinerant and free exposition that since year 2014 crosses Spain with the objective of showing the Repsol commitment to the world of engines under all forms. Those who visit the exposition do understand the key to the presence of Repsol during sports competitions : it supposes a bank of tests for the development of the best carburants and lubrifiants that later on they offer in their gaz stations.

The Repsol Racing Tour exposition.

It is an interactive exposition for all publics where the passion for engines thanks to the most advanced technologies and multimédias with tactical displays and virtual reality glasses are being closely discovered and perceived. Outdoors, the small members of the families have access to a blowing circuit which is to run around leaning feet on the floor. Inside this mobile unit takes place an interactive chronological run deriving from the sponsorship of Repsol for the various sport engine competitions such as the world motorcycles, Dakar, trial, automobile races, etc.

repsol racing tour

Further more, the exposition space offers historical items that turn out to be totally striking for all the lovers of engines : the motorcycle GP of Marc Marquez, mono competition  from  Angel Nieto.etc. In 2019 Repsol celebrated 50 years of presence in the world of sports with the related emotional impact. We are looking forward, with great expectation, to seeing the various surprises that will be offered during the 2020 Repsol Racing Tour.