Compressed Natural Gas, green energy

It is not a long time ago that diesel or gasoline were the only options to select when choosing a vehicle. There were practically no other options. However, nowadays many other alternatives have appeared, such as CNG or Compressed Natural Gas.

Compressed Natural Gas is a natural organic resource, basically made up from methane (almost 90%) and does not need a long refinement treatment. Since one of its main advantages is being significantly cleaner and considerably less polluting fuel, CNG is a very good option when thinking of replacing diesel and gasoline as fuel: its use reduces the most harmful emissions for the environment such as CO2, NOx, CO, HC, SO2.

Another of its advantages is that a CNG engines are much more durable, since their operation does not require as many revolutions as fuel engines, producing less waste and acoustic vibrations.

By consuming less fuel consumption, you get greater energy savings.

On the other hand, the CNG refueling systems are much more efficient than those ones of traditional fuels, since fuel volatilization losses taking place in the hoses are eliminated. Therefore, they present less possibilities of ignition and detonation on contact with the atmosphere, thus being safer than conventional vehicles.

Due to its low pollution and the large reserves of natural gas, this fuel is subsidized by the EU. Even, in some countries as Spain, vehicles using CNG take advantage from the Eco label in some countries, are able to access the center of large cities in episodes of high pollution and have great advantages in regulated parking areas.

Therefore, in comparison with other traditional fuels, CNG could be seen as a cleaner and cheaper fuel than traditional ones. A perfect alternative if you want to bet on greener energy, as alegria-activity does.