L’Aventure du Vivant: a campaign to show agriculture education and its perspectives.

On February 22nd, it was presented at he Paris International agriculture show (SIA2020) “L’Aventure du Vivant” ( The adventure of the living) a campaign sponsored by the Ministery of agriculture and of the agro food.

The aim of “adventure of the living” is to prepare professionals ready to improve the general conditions of agriculture and tasks related to the good care of the earth, nature, vegetation, forest and wood.

This can be defined within two objectives :

  1. To inform of the actual educative options related to agriculture 4.0 and its new tasks
  2. Its employment perspectives.



L’aventure du vivant

Las actividades que ofrece «L’Aventure du Vivant» son:

The itinerary campaign is lodged inside of an 18 meters mobile unit, with an inside distribution given by two separate spaces with a capacity for 25 people each.

The activities that are being offered by the “adventure of the living” are :

  • A simulator for the driving on agriculture machinery
  • Information and orientation areas ( interactive tablets)
  • Oculus glasses for virtual reality
  • Tactile and interactive screens
  • Videos for the witnessing of young people
  • Projection of films in a third dimension ( oculus glasses)
  • Digital games
  • Mini-conferences areas
  • Groups quizzes on agriculture and the environment

L’aventure du vivant

At the disposal of the users, digital tools are offered such as an interactive map showing schools and areas where agriculture education is being taught.

“The adventure of the living”  has spent 10 full days in the SIA where it has been visited by different authorities from the Government such as the Minister of labour, Muriel Penicaud, and the Minister of agriculture and food, Mr Didier Guillaume, and M. Jean-Michel Blanquer, Minister of education.

L’aventure du vivant

During the tour that will go across the French territory the “ Adventure of the living” is principally meant for the secondary students and you may find it as well in the WEB link laventuredvivant.fr and social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat.