Actions to eat better with Carrefour are displayed at the 2020 Gustoko gastronomical fair.

The caravan “actions to eat better” from Carrefour, has been presented on Friday during the third edition of the Gustoko gastronomical fair held on the 6th and 8th of March at the Barakaldo Bilbao exhibition center.

Gustoko is considered as a reference fair for quality food and gastronomy. The caravan inside lodges a kitchen room fully equipped that helps to discover the secrets of healthy food with cooking workshops for all publics.
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It does teach to recycle and avoid mistakes when throwing the remains, in addition to discover close by how some agricultural and cattle functions operate. All of that through virtual reality eye glasses, interactive games and tactile screens. At it, the visitors, will be able to experience how it is possible to cook in a healthy and amusing manner. It is showing healthy routines and specially good food. Apart from discovering healthy recipes, the visitors will learn how to recycle in a more efficient way through games and will discover agricultural and cattle tasks, notions on the nourishing pyramide and competitive games. On top of it, a big tactile screen as a smartphone, will inform about the “actions to eat better” that Carrefour recommends with other three that can chalenge the visitor to show his knowledge on healthy food. Further more, with the use of virtual reality eye glasses, one cal learn usual countryside labours such as milking a cow, collect tomatoes or oranges, feed the chickens or collect the eggs. And as a host, the visitors are welcome by a robot NAO,.

The “roadshow” includes as well outdoors actions. The mobile unit serves Carrefour to diffuse healthy life habits through actions and concrete compromises that help the citizens to eat better. The contains of the caravane are approved by the San Juan de Dios hospital in Aljarafe and by prestigious nutritionists.

The Gustoko fair will be the first stop of a road with thousand of kilometers from the mont of April on. We will keep you informed.