Fundación Naturgy presents its Energy Challenge


In line with the sustainable development objectives (ODS) of the United Nations in the field of energy, it has been presented “Energy challenge” by the Naturgy Foundation.

It is a futuristic unit managed by robots,  the visitors participate in a special mission where they have to face the Energy Challenge.

In the mobile space it is being offered an attractive and immersive proposal  where its visitors will leave an experience that aims at transmitting specialised and technical knowledge on energy and will deepen in fields such as new energetic technologies, the energetic transition,  circular economy and the quality of the atmosphere.

The unit as well participated to this energetic challenge through its natural gaz  dual engin that generates between 15 and 20% less CO2 than a conventional one

unidad móvil exterior energy challlenge

It’s passengers will observe the esrth, the cosmos in order to reflect and truly realise the emergency situation  of the planet and the need to contribute in matters that have become of key importance to mankind, such as the energetic transition, the circular economy, the atmosphere quality and the new energetic technologies such as renewable gaz.

On its behalf, the school groups will be adding value through their game “The circular challenge” based on circular economy and energetic consumption and the smallest ones with a “maquette” of a futuristic city