Société Générale Burkina Faso Mobile Banking Agency

Société Générale

To be a well known bank both locally and throughout the world. This is Société Générale's aim in Burkina Faso. To be a benchmark for quality through its team of staff, to benefit from its size, to offer the highest quality services as well as being a local bank for its customers, wherever they may be. In order to reach these objectives in Burkina Faso, the diversification, quality and local bank strategy of the French banking institution is spread across the whole of Africa and has a wide range of client type through its comprehensive Mobile Branch Network, which allows those clients to access banking services even in the most remote areas of their country.

The feeling you get when going into one of the branches is the same as in any other Société Générale branch throughout the world, covering all the client's needs that they may have at a conventional branch. The Branch is equipped with a whole range of products, banking specialists, ATM machine, as well as satellite connection technology, which means everything can be taken care of even in the most remote part of Burkina Faso.