MotorHome Santander


We've all dreamed of piloting a Ferrari Formula 1 and winning the world championship ... Dreams are dreams. But, why not for a moment be able to realize your dreams? That's what the Motorhome of Banco Santander aims to do, creating a unique experience around the world of Formula 1 and Scuderia Ferrari, taking Fernando Alonso´s car throughout Spain and allowing audiences to feel for a day, as if they are at the world championship.

The Roadshow nationwide brings the magic of Formula 1, with Fernando Alonso´s official car, driver´s unique Scuderia Ferrari parts as well as the opportunity of driving Alonso´s car and even challenging your friends to a race using a Ferrari simulator, testing your skills as a driver. Win or lose, nobody will take away the feeling of being the champion of the FIA, for a moment, on the podium immortalizing yourself while holding the world championship trophy thanks to augmented reality. Even the youngest of the family, can demonstrate their skills in pedal cars in an outside track.

Young and old alike enjoyed the Motorhome Santander experience throughout the last two years, an experience that surely will not be easily erased from their heads.