The Original European Taste


The Canary Islands, The Azores, Madeira, Martinique, Reunion,….. it seems they are far from Europe, but, they also, form part of Europe. Through the European roadshow “The Original Taste” we brought the taste of bananas and plantains, the most emblematic of their food, to hundreds of thousands of Europeans.

We tried to recreate a very natural experience in which citizens felt as if they were in the heart of the islands. Can you imagine taking care of your own banana plantation or bananas from home? This is what we did through a video game that was played by thousands of school children across Europe; while tasting their rich bananas and plantains creating an unforgettable experience of all these magical islands; The citizens perception of these products was markedly improved.

“The Original Taste” brought The European Outermost regions to Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France and Germany for three years