Fiba Spain 2014


The goal of this campaign was to promote basketball and The World Cup, which was held in Spain during the summer of 2014. This initiative was launched by the Spanish Basketball Federation and FIBA and was carried out for two years ending on the day of the final in Madrid.

The Basketball World Championship was the ideal moment to create visibility for the sport, not only in every corner of the country, but also throughout Europe. Thus, the experience of Roadshow #Spain14 reached across from Spain to European cities such as Ljubiana, Milan, Belgrade, Athens, Istanbul, Helsinki and Zagreb, reaching more than 50 cities, covering over 45,000 miles and reaching more than 200,000 visitors.

The experience of the roadshow was the viewing of how basketball has evolved over its history, from the laws of basketball written by Dr. Naismith until the last medals won by the home teams and even priceless pieces in the history of basketball. All taking place in a pleasant atmosphere filled with music, interactive games and all kinds of competitions and exhibitions on the basketball courts located outside the roadshow.