RNE 75 years with you


75 years accompanying us telling us what was going on around us. 75 years with us at all times. After all this time, RNE listeners can see with their own eyes what so many had only imagined. What is the studio from which the programs we narrated like? Is the announcer tall or short? How old is the presenter?

The roadshow RNE "75 years with you," visited 50 cities in Spain. This was possible by the use of a mobile studio from which programs were broadcast live. "On days like today," "Live Spain" or "Not a typical day", facilitated contact between the audience and the presenters, broadcasters and journalists accompanying them day by day.

The Roadshow was further complemented with an exhibition area in which RNE sought closer ties with their listeners. Take a photo home with your favorite RTVE presenter or hear the news piece again from your childhood that marked you for life, were some of the things you could do in the interactive exhibition space full of emotions. A photographic exhibition with the 75 year history of the station, and a radio workshop, for the young ones, served to make this visit an unforgettable experience.