The report Mobility Report 2020 predicts that 90% of children under 6 years old have a Smartphone. In 2013 the figure among young people 10-13 years of age reached 62%. This is why it is so important to disseminate to the public the necessity of using ICT in a responsible and safe manner. Huawei in collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society created the SmartBus.

What better way to reach the young public than with a mobile classroom sent to schools in 18 Spanish cities and raised awareness in situ for over 13,000 children and 6,000 adults including parents, guardians, associations and citizens through fully interactive sessions that taught the risks and benefits of using technology such as mobile, social networks, tablets and laptops.

It was a highly successful campaign that gave visibility to the Chinese brand Huawei during its three month duration and also appeared to society as a company committed to the proper use of new technologies and their devices.