The Mobile Pavilion- roadshow of EXPO 2017 Astana has been unveiled and will travel across 14 European capitals

The Mobile Pavilion of EXPO Astana 2017 "Future Energy" that will be touring around 12 European countries presenting the Astana International Exposition 2017 has been officially presented in Madrid. It is one of the most spectacular roadshows made by alegria activity (in collaboration with Exponential Group Germany) to date, including a  spectacular 150 square mobile unit, accompanied by an outdoor village.

The campaign aims to inform European citizens about Kazakhstan, Astana and the International Exhibition, which is mainly focused on green energy and the future of energy. From February to June, the roadshow will reach the center of 14 cities in 12 countries. Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Milan, Zurich, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius and Helsinki will host the Mobile Pavilion of EXPO 2017 for 3-4 days.

The roadshow has the most innovative technologies, creating an unforgettable experience for the guests. Inside, visitors can visit the entire exhibition area on a spectacular journey through Virtual Reality, enjoy how a 3D printer prints one of the most emblematic pavilions of the exhibition, go across Kazakhstan and The Expo itself through interactive maps or experience new sensations in a totally immersive cinema.

In addition, the exterior has an attractive village with games with augmented reality, static bikes that generate electricity, puzzles, a zeppelin or a weather-vane that generates its own energy and can charge visitors' mobiles.

All this adapted to the languages ​​of each of the 12 countries. A spectacular event, which guarantees the impact of the event throughout the old continent.

Tour Schedule:

  • Madrid: February 28 - March 2
  • Barcelona: March 7 - 9
  • Milan: March 15 - 17
  • Rome: March 22 - 24
  • Zurich: March 29 -31
  • Paris: 5-8 April
  • London: April 13 - 16
  • Amsterdam 23 - 25 April
  • Vienna 1 - 3 May
  • Prague 8 - 10 May
  • Berlin May 15 - 17
  • Warsaw 22 - 24 May
  • Vilnius 29 - 31 May
  • Helsinki 6 - 8 June