New roadshow will take the Samsung Galaxy S6 throughout Spain

Today April 7 at the headquarters of Samsung in Spain (Alcobendas, Madrid), the new roadshow campaign was presented. This campaign will take the latest mobile handsets and tablets of the Korean brand throughout Spain, starting its route tomorrow, 8 o´clock in Valencia . The campaign, with its slogan "Next is Now: Come in and Experience the Future", shows off the newest features of its two star products and market leaders, in the mobile phone and smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

The campaign is directed at two very different audiences. First, it is aimed at sales teams from the various mobile phone service companies, which are given specific training on the new devices, in order to boost sales thereof and to give an advanced view to the public.

Moreover, the campaign also seeks to enhance the brand image with the general public, reaching the best locations to build an interaction between citizens and the brand. Thus, in the roadshow, people can use and learn to make the most of the latest and most modern smartphones, tablets and Samsung wearables, creating a unique brand experience.