Disalab, The Canary Islands biodiversity

Yesterday in Las Palmas the DISALab Classroom "Canary Island diversity lab" was inaugurated, a project produced  by alegría activity together with the Disa Foundation. In the coming months it will reach more than 50,000 Canary citizens from the seven islands, highlighting the particularities of this land and of each of its islands that is a unique place in the world due to its biodiversity and nature. The mobile classroom was officially opened by the Minister of Environment of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, María del Mar Arévalo, the first deputy mayor of Las Palmas, Angel Sabroso, the director of the Disa Foundation, Raquel Montes; and researcher Aguedo Marrero.


DisaLab is the most ambitious project so far for the Disa Foundation. Through this unit science, research, biodiversity and the particularities of the Canary Islands will be brought, in an interactive and dynamic way, to students between the ages of 10 and 13 to more than 175 schools and all the general public.

Visitors become scientists who discover and experience, in situ, the peculiarities of each island archipelago. This is done through audiovisual activities, exhibitions, hands-on practice and experiments.