The Mobile Pavilion- roadshow of EXPO 2017 Astana has been unveiled and will travel across 14 European capitals

The Mobile Pavilion of EXPO Astana 2017 "Future Energy" that will be touring around 12 European countries presenting the Astana International Exposition 2017 has been officially presented in Madrid. It is one of the most spectacular roadshows made by alegria activity (in collaboration with Exponential Group Germany) to date, including a  spectacular 150 square mobile unit, accompanied by an outdoor village.

BMCE Bank brings Europe closer to Morocco

On the 22nd of March, this annual campaign took place in Trappes (France), which brought BMCE Bank, one of Morocco's most important banks, closer to Moroccan citizens throughout a large part of Europe, in strategic cities throughout France, Italy and Spain.

alegría activity lands in Poland

On March the 19th , alegría activity Poland was formally established at a ceremony held in Warsaw between Juan Jesus Alegría and the new director in Poland Michal Ostoja-Ostaszewski.

Ostoja-Ostaszewski CEO of the new company, has extensive professional experience in Marketing and will lead the expansion of alegría activity in Poland and Central Europe.


New roadshow will take the Samsung Galaxy S6 throughout Spain

Today April 7 at the headquarters of Samsung in Spain (Alcobendas, Madrid), the new roadshow campaign was presented. This campaign will take the latest mobile handsets and tablets of the Korean brand throughout Spain, starting its route tomorrow, 8 o´clock in Valencia . The campaign, with its slogan "Next is Now: Come in and Experience the Future", shows off the newest features of its two star products and market leaders, in the mobile phone and smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.