How we work

The idea

The idea is created from the answer of two questions:

How can we bring value to this brand or institution?

How can we generate a marketing experience that is relevant for its public?


The idea is converted into audiovisual contents, multimedia, games and other interactive experiences so that the public has fun, gets excited, learns, understands and remembers.


We conceptualize and design each mobile unit adapting it to the needs of the campaign and the customer.

We create the graphic image for each campaign and we la llevamos a todos los soportes de lamisma. We also take care of the exterior design of the units.


What was initially a bus or a truck, is turn into a mobile unit with personalized spaces, furniture, access and everything you need to make the experience unique.

Traffic and permits

We have over 20 years experience in managing permits for public roads and vehicular traffic so that the campaign is a success in every city and in every town.

Technical secretariat

From our technical secretariat we take care of contacting school groups, associations and other groups to visit the roadshow on specific day at a specific time.

Press office

Create marketing experience every day at a different point means creating news wherever we go. With a specialized press office, we multiply the impact of the campaign in each place.

Online communication

We integrate digital media into the core of the campaigns, creating specific sites for each project and enhancing communication with the public through social networks.

Dynamism and customer service

Each campaign ́s experience, dynamics, games and activities is designed with care and brought to life by professionals.

Measuring results

We measure the impact that actions have in terms of visibility, impact and level of recall among public.